• During the uncertain time of the COVID virus, we are currently not able to complete in person research visits. However, we would very much like to include new families performing as much of our research as possible. This would include questionnaires completed online and phone interviews.

  • Once this crisis has passed and families are able to safely travel to study sites for in person visits, we may be in contact with you regarding opportunities for future participation which could include in person testing. Some families will be asked to continue future visits with remote data collection only.

  • The IBIS Network recently received a $9.5 million grant from NIH to replicate our previous study of brain and behavior development in infants at risk for developing autism. The goal of our new study is to identify the symptoms of autism at an earlier age. We will be recruiting 250 infants across all IBIS Network locations 6-months of age and younger from families we have not previously seen. All infants we see will have at least one full older, full sibling diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

To be contacted about our study, please fill out the below form and someone from our team will be in touch with you.


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